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April 10, 2013

4s[INQ. NO. 1304C03] Celluon Inc. announces release of new product, the Prodigy™ – A perfect companion to fit your  mobile lifestyle. Although iPhone touch screen may provide easy navigation and simplicity, data input can be frustrating in result of cramped keyboard layout. Touch screen keyboard also take up half of display real estate. Celluon Prodigy is the answer to true data input for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. This ingenious product delivers productivity and portability in a sleek and sturdy case, coupled with built-in extended battery and Celluon’s revolutionary virtual projection keyboard technology. Utilize the built-in kick stand to position your iPhone on any flat surface for optimal viewing pleasure, and with just a flick of a switch you will be typing on a laser guided keyboard in no time. Extended battery provides at least double the battery life to keep up with your on-the-go, mobile lifestyle. Experience the technological wonder with Celluon Prodigy.

Prodigy will be tentatively launched around 2Q13 at an affordable retail price of $199.99 Maximize your iPhone experience with Celluon Prodigy.
The undisputed forerunner in portable input applications, Celluon Inc. has its headquarters in Seoul, Korea with head sales office in California. Celluon is highly involved in the research and development process, as well as the manufacturing of the projection keyboard module and final products using the 3D Electronic Perception Technology (EPT). For more information, please contact Mr. Chris Chon via chris@celluon.com
If you want to visit the website of Celluon, celluon.com

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