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April 16, 2013

The company’s intelligent repositionable dome cameras, marketed under the brand model names “IPX3302HD and IPX3702HD,” are recommended to the customers who might move camera view frequently during an operation of systems, but not for high-speed tracking. The repositionable camera can rotate its view 5 degrees in a second while common PTZ speed dome camera moves 320 degrees in a second. The benefit for customers is the price; a repositionable camera costs similar or a little higher than the fixed dome camera price range, but significantly saves large maintenance costs. The cameras support slow and stable remote PTZ and manual focus control via networks. These contain accurate and stable PTZ mechanism. The IPX330HD and IPX3702HD are designed for indoor surveillance and outdoor surveillance, respectively. The price of the remote position-adjustable dome camera is 30% higher than that of the fixed-type camera.


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