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April 26, 2013

basp1[INQ. NO. 1304C08] When your baby bites and sucks the carrier, the Bamboo Bebe’s all-on-one sucking pad will be a good solution.

A baby carrying saliva-wiping cover and a handkerchief attached on the chest are combined into the sucking pad.

The BambooBebe towel is made with 100% natural bamboo fiber that features antibacterial and anti-odor effects. Thus it is safe even if a baby bites or sucks. With twostep plastic snap, you can adjust it to fit the shoulder strap of a baby carrier. For baby’s health, even label is made by using 100% cotton.

Bamboobebe ( Click) is a Korea-based company specialized in natural bamboo fabric, newborn baby clothing, baby terry towel, natural bamboo nappy, natural bamboo nappy cover, gauze handkerchief and etc. The bamboo fabric has diverse benefits. The bamboo fabric absorbs water better than cotton and bamboo fabric is soft. In addition, the bamboo fabric protects baby’s skin by removing harmful germs and odor as it contains a natural anti-bacterial agent.

In addition, the company provides babies’ gift collection includes high-quality babies’ clothing and skincare products including baby blanket, baby beanie hat, baby shirt, bib and hand cover.

Using 100% bamboo fabric towel, they have fast absorption and sterilization in touchable area of baby skin.

Any of fluorescent materials aren’t used for sawing yarn and even for labels.


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