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April 30, 2013

The very first type of PC speaker has not retired yet. It is still alive and kicking, working every time you boot up your computer. This simple speaker is a messenger and assigned to make sure that users recognize mechanical sounds from the BIOS. For example, one single beep sound indicates the computer is properly functioning, and when there are two beeps it means there could be one or two critical hardware errors in the system.

Starting first as a diagnostic device, PC speakers’ role became varied as technology surrounding personal computer systems advanced. With the introduction of new OS(Operation System) like Microsoft Windows, not only visual interface but also auditory experiences have greatly enhanced and improved. Say, we can easily see a wide variety of attractive icons and stunningly realistic graphics on the computer screen, and listen to multiple channel-based sounds that enrich its experience.

Music files like mp3 became popular, and people grew insatiable. They demanded more and eventually started to look for better things. First, a simple low-powered two channel speaker was a common scene. Then, the market began being flooded with new products with extra functions: subwoofer-added speakers and full 5.1 channel systems. Now, manufacturers take an aesthetic look seriously, let alone sound quality. People are sensitive enough to tell the difference and hunger for more extended and crystal clear sound. For those who are searching for both an exquisite look and noiseless high ranges and deep bass capabilities, here comes AION’s BOSSWIZ.

수정본1You may call it boss. It deserves the name as AION’s BOSSWIZ controls space. Claiming to be an extraordinary bar-type 2-channel speaker, depending on users’ needs, it can be split into 2 separate speaker units. Say, you can place it next to your laptop or smartphone on both sides if surrounding sound experience is what you are craving for. Also, you can maximize space by placing right before a monitor without dividing the bar. Its clip-type makes it easy for you to put together or pull apart.

Unlike one-channel bar-type sound system, BOSSWIZ is made of two full dual stereo units that can produce full-range sound. You will awe and wow when watching movies and playing games due to very true sound it can create, eventually upgrading your experiences. Its black-color metal case can well absorb any external impact and protect inner units. BOSSWIZ is USB-powered and supports any handy gadgets.

수정본2AION, founded in 1998, is a creative firm that continuously introduces new multimedia products. By providing excellent services and quality, AION is looking forward to top the Korean market and beyond in near future.

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