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May 13, 2013

ktgt1[INQ. NO. 1305C28] Hankook Tea Farming Corp. has provided variety kinds of top quality Korean traditional herbal teas that people can enjoy with their different flavors and therapeutic benefits. The main products include green tea, hwangcha, matcha (powdered green tea), persimmon leaf tea, mulberry leaf tea and chrysanthemum blossom tea, just name a few.

To ensure green tea of highest quality, the tea company directly manages the cultivation, processing and packaging of specialty teas with its own two tea plantations and production facilities in South Jeolla Province of Korea.

In the unpolluted environment, the tea plants are cultivated according to an eco-friendly agricultural method. The quality of the organic tea products is endorsed by the USDA organic certification and ISO9001. The company also founded a branch office and Chasaengwon, a local store in the United States to promote Korean green tea and tea drinking culture.

The artisan green teas from Hankook Tea Farming are hand-made according to a labor-intensive process.
With the leaves kept whole, the green teas are carefully hand-harvested from early spring to late summer, slightly steamed and skillfully pan fired into perfection.

High-quality artisan green teas are often referred to as Jaksul Tea in Korea. The Jaksul, which translates to ‘sparrow’s tongue’, refers to the tea leaf’s resemblance to the delicate shape of a sparrow’s tongue. The company’s Jaksul tea collection offers artisan green teas-UjeonGamro, Gamnong, Teuksun and Jungsun. Each is defined by the time of harvest, size of leaf and processing.

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