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May 13, 2013


[INQ. NO. 1305C39] Since its foundation in 1945, AMOREPACIFIC Corp. has been supporting Asians in its pursuit of beauty and further introducing the beauty of Asia to women all around the world. Based on the company’s founding spirit that lies in its commitment to R&D and AMOREPACIFIC’s unique technology inspired by nature and oriental medicine, the company continues to expand its presence to the world beyond China, France and the United States. AMOREPACIFIC is also devoted to developing sustainable products and engaging in corporate social responsibility activities in order to enhance sustainable development of the human race in harmony with the nature.


AMOREPACIFIC Corporate Philosophy

Vocation | Asian Beauty Creator AMOREPACIFIC is one of Asia’s most successful cosmetics companies and the company serves customers with its vision as the “Asian Beauty Creator.” AMOREPACIFIC aims to create a new concept of beauty that harmonizes the inner and outer beauty and to help women achieve their dream of living a beautiful and healthy life.

amore2Core Value | AMOREPACIFIC WAY
With its vision of being “Asian Beauty Creator,”AMOREPACIFIC has declared the five core values that will guide the company’s codes of conduct, collectively called the “Amore Pacific Way. ”The core values include “Openness,” ”Innovation,” ”Proximity,”
”Sincerity,” and “Challenge.” ”Openness” highlights that truth can be discovered through open communication with customers. “Innovation”demonstrates the company’s commitment to always developing new ideas.
“Proximity”assures customers that the company will always stay close to the customers, both physically and psychologically. “Sincerity”promises the company’s dedication in all matters and “Challenge”reflects a positive attitude to continually seek improvement.


amore3Vision 2020 | Global Total Care Provider of Beauty & Health AMOREPACIFIC has established the corporate vision of “Global Total Care Provider of Beauty & Health”to become one of the world’s top 7, Asia no.1 cosmetic company by 2020, by developing 10 global beauty-brands with annual sales of over KRW 500 billion each.
AMOREPACIFIC strives to establish the foundation for sustainable growth by developing products that serve the needs of customers all over the world, expanding its presence in the overseas markets, and exploring alternative methods for continuous growth.
In addition, the company’s commitment to becoming a responsible corporate citizen remains a high priority on its corporate agenda and as a part of its commitment, the company is making a lot of efforts minimize the impact on the environment and enhance the interest of all stakeholders.





• AMOREPACIFIC Corporation
West Wing 3rd, Signature Towers, 100 Cheonggyecheon-ro,
Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)709-5411
Fax: (82-2)709-5419
E-mail: yong@amorepacific.com
Website: amorepacific.com

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