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July 2, 2013

ipad“podopod” Wireless Keyboard, Stand and Case for iPad[INQ. NO. 1306C10] Xion Design, one of the seasoned industrial design companies in South Korea, has launched a keyboard case for iPad under its own brand, “podopod,” drawing good responses from consumers.

The podopod keyboard case for iPad received Korea’s Good Design President’s Award that is awarded to products in recognition of the excellent design based on external appearance, function, materials, economic efficiency, and more.


ipad1The GD award-winning keyboard case for iPad presents a whole new paradigm that sets it apart from traditional Bluetooth keyboards. Most of all, the podopod keyboard case for iPad is an all-in-one cover, stand and keyboard for iPad, unlike the existing products that focus simply on standing and use of keyboard of iPad separately.

With the podopod keyboard case, you can use your iPad as like a lightweight and fashionable netbook, let alone enhanced portability. The integral iPad cover is made by using polycarbonate, which is well-known for its lightweight and shock-resistant qualities. In addition, the entire surface is finished with soft-feeling urethane by SF coating method to make the surface scratch-resistant and offer great grip feeling.

Another outstanding feature is that this keyboard applies a separable stand which allows people to use the keyboard and iPad independently.


Other features of podopod iPad Keyboard Case
– With Broadcom2042 as itsmain control chip, with Bluetooth 2.0 interface.
– Uses industry-leading Bluetooth solution, WIDCOMM BTW Bluetooth software, which is officially specified Microsoft software.
– Specially designed for iPad, it is more convenient to carry with an iPad bag.
– With built-in power management software, it can automatically show the available capacity in the Microsoft Windows
– With its silence design, it will not disturb other people
– Work with PC and commercial mobile, it will be convenient to work
– Working temperature: -20°C~+55°C humidity: 20%~50% 8. Built-in lithium battery, you do not need to frequently change battery


ipad1Xion Design also launched the ‘Smart Stand’ by improving its patented separable stand, which was devised during developing the keyboard case for iPad. This folding-type stand it is widely usable, enhancing its great portability.

Following the successful launch of the podopod products, xion design’s CEO said, “We will continue to release diverse versions of the podopod series that is going to maximize the consumers’ needs in this fast-changing IT device accessories markets by taking advantages of our expertise and experience in the business.”

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