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July 2, 2013



[INQ. NO. 1306C12] Air Robot (www.airrobot.co.kr/eng) has come up with riding robot called “Ringbo.” Equipped with cuttingedge technologies including zero radius swing, bumping-proof sensor, voice alert system and other outstanding features, Ringbo is a new riding robot that allows a kid to enjoy simple and easy operation and safe indoor riding.

Unlike other ride-on toys, Ringbo is operated by joysticks so that kids can control it simply. And zero radius swing guarantees satisfactory performance in indoor spaces such as living rooms. It has protective bumpers and components to prevent any scratch or damage. For kids’ safety, it has sensor-driven features that prevent bumping and injury as well as authentic and unique sensor and voice alert system to protect kids safely. Moreover, Ringbo detects obstacles and automatically stops automatically to avoid crashes and bumps.

Taking into consideration the fact that this riding robot is devoted for kids, it is designed to automatically stop if the user takes off his or her foot from the pedal. Ringbo operates only when the user sits on the product in a stable position and presses the pedal.

Ringbo provides smart functions letting the user know about its operational status. Lamps on the instrument board provide user information on operation status such as power, charging condition, directions and obstacle detection. Ringbo’s unique and advanced artificial intelligence function automatically detects hurdles and obstacles to prevent accidents.

Automatic stop features effectively protect kids against injury. And, Ringbo’s shock absorption system of bumpers helps to prevent possible collisions with walls, furniture and home appliances. Ringbo deploys non-skid material for riding safety. The ergonomic design also helps to prevent skidding when kids sit on it and guarantees safe riding. For more information, please send e-mail at ceo@airrobot.co.kr



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