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A-TOP makes car-wash fun | Korean Products

July 30, 2013

201306W_ATOP car is never easy. Because it requires tools, time, and energy, many car owners may not bother to do it regularly. Even cleaning itself does not always guarantee the best result. No doubt people rather look for an auto wash. But often they find themselves in a situation where they must do it alone.

Conventional washing involves rubbing bubble soap all over the car with a sponge. Yet, his or her hands get easily dirty, and, remember, a car is not flat-shaped; cleaning every corner and curve is not realistic.

Responding to the issue, Korea’ s A-TOP offers a practical tool: Spider Mop. This abundant microfabric brush is a new change of pace in the car wash market. With it, you no longer worry about being soaked in bubble. Your hands are free from chemicals and pollutants. You can save time as its large fabric (12cm x 26cm) naturally sweeps and cleans every part. When cleaning the beneath, you only need to bend from the waist a bit. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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