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July 30, 2013

201307C_Ecofriendly Womens Wear Apparel Corp. was established in 1980 and it has two brands, ZIZOU and Z&DOEUN. First, ‘Zizou’ is easily and successfully a modern look character casual for career women of early to mid 30’s who are mindful of sense and character.

As a tread leader, the products of ZIZOU pursue the highest quality using the materials of highest quality and details with feminine sexy design.

Next, Z&DOEUN is positioned as a bridge between high end designer group and contemporary brands, target age in women 30’s.

We have attended Chic show in China, S/S Seoul Collection in Korea and ‘Who’s next’ show in France. Also, it’s helped our company go into fast fashion market more.

Recycle nylon fabric, Eco-friendly product, KOREA Traditional pattern, 3/4
Sleeve Coat with Hood
SPAC: Recycle NYLON 100%
Color: orange
Size: S, M, L

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