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July 30, 2013

201307C_SangSangHoo Inc., a creative design group, launched “SangSangHoo,” a brand for professional interior decoration and ornaments in 2006 under the slogan of ‘imaginative design for living.’ It has a wide range of products including Graphic sticker, Canvas art, 3D sticker, Graphic furniture, Fabric art, Mural wall paper, Design cube “QUUM.” With intuitive design, distinguished color and continuous development for new materials, the company is leading new trends in the industry in Korea.


The Graphic Sicker “SANGSANGHOO” is ideal for personalizing your interior design with various concepts of design.

You can transform your interior at small cost and time with the Graphic Stickers. The SANGSANGHOO Graphic Stickers are intuitive, unique design lines with their own identity, including about 200 different designs.

The material is available for both interior and exterior designing. And IDIX Inc. has been constantly developing new and creative designs using various materials and colors.

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