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July 31, 2013


Dreamcon’s production is divided two main areas – soft lens and hard lens. The lens company exports only soft lens area which is made up of color cosmetic lens, clear lens, fantasy lens, toric lens, iris lens, Feel lens.

Also, it can divided of using period, 1 year lens, 1month lens, 1 day lens and of using production method -lathe cutting and casting mold.

Dreamcon’s main products are as follows :

– Color cosmetic lens The main is for beauty and correct eyesight. The brand is HERA, BEAUTY and COLORPIA for large-sized eyes.
– Clear lens The main purpose is for correct eye sight. Brand is C-day.
– Fantasy lens is for festival and FEEL is to put gold and silver.
– Dreambeau is for the one-day lens and which is divided into CONNIE for clear and NADIA for color.

201307C_Dreamcon1Dreamcon changed its company name from A & C Korea in 2007 and got CE and ISO in 2008. The main production is contact lenses including color cosmetic lens, soft clear lens, fantasy lens, RGP lens.

Dreamcon obtained a seven-year expiry date from KFDA in 2010 which is only and first in world. Also, it has SFDA for China, Thai FDA, Russia registration and Gost-R for CIS. The production method is lathe cutting and casting mold.

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