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July 31, 2013

201307C_Cooling Towel the goal of being one of the world’s best outdoor suppliers, NASCHEM Co., Ltd. has focused on research and development and introduced various advanced management systems in order to provide distinguished products
and services.

You can beat the heat with ICE MATE COOL TOWEL from NASCHEM that activates the cooling technology just with water. You can use it simply by wetting, wringing and snapping it.

The mesh-textured side is for fast cooling and the opposite side is for soft drying.

201307C_Cooling Towel1The cooling effect is not chemically treated, but comes from the technology within the COOL-X fabric. This cool towel is ideal for sports, camping, exercising, leisure or any outdoor activities where you need to keep cool.

It is now being exported to Japan, Hong Kong and the United States.

How to use:

– Simply wet it, wring it and snap it
– When wet, the towel becomes much cooler than the outside air, thereby having a cooling effect
– When it starts to dry out after using, simply re-wet, re-wring, and snap it.
– Wet it with ice water to further enhance the cooling effect.

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