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July 31, 2013

201307C_HuromSlow Juicer the past 38 years Hurom’s single mission was finding ways to capture nature’s vitality without destroying its nutrients. Through unceasing effort, Hurom has developed the unique SSS technology, which enables people around the world to enjoy in its most natural form of juice.

Hurom slow juicer is a world- recognized and patented product that gently squeezes the juice instead of grinding with a high-speed motor. The slow juicer minimizes the loss of nutrients, often caused by the heat and oxidation that occur in the grinding process, and creates fresh and natural juice.

– Difference of Nutrition: Hurom’s juicer naturally squeezes juice out of fruits and vegetables maintaining its natural flavor, original color, vitamins, and nutrients.
– Quietness: Low-noise 30bd motor (vs 90 db of high speed juicer motors) gently extracts fresh juice and makes mornings more healthy and pleasant.
– Automatic Safety system: To prevent malfunction and injury, the juicer’s built-in safety sensor allows operation only when the body and drum lid are properly assembled.
– Different of absorbing: Creates juice that has much higher absorption rate and is absorbed faster than the juice
extracted by other products.
– Different of moisture from materials: Produces ample amount of juice by extracting virtually all the moisture from juicing materials. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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