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Korean Household Goods Characterized by Outstanding Design and Practicality | Korean Products

August 1, 2013

Like many other sectors, global market conditions for Korean consumer goods look set to improve as the Korean cultural wave enjoys a renaissance, including the current K-pop boom which is spreading beyond the borders of Asia, and the implementation of a free trade agreement with the U.S. With fully experienced and qualified designers, some Korean companies are seizing the moment by developing accessories of digital devices, interior objects and a range of houseware of originality, high quality and practicality.

Particularly, digital accessories that come in diverse designs and functions stand out, catering to the tastes of global customers as well as Koreans.

Take, for example, Sumneeds. The Korean company is drawing keen attention for its unique paraffin-based Smartphone case for iPhone5 & iPhone4/4s “iPooding,” which was awarded the Red Dot Award, one of the world’s top three design competitions.

In addition, TOEOT Co., Ltd. a specialized manufacturer and seller of various footwear products in Korea has taking a keen attention in many overseas markets for its Transformative Assembly Sandal called TOEOT sandal.

In addition, many Korean manufacturers turn to the global markets by putting their efforts into creating high quality, eyecatching products. The following are some of them and their main items:

▶ Memory Beads Pillow & Cushion
▶ Table Tops
▶ Semi-assembled Furniture
▶ Paper Furniture | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


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