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August 1, 2013

201306W_Shinhan Networks

Communication technology has its boost: an optical fiber. By using this very slim material, the light transmits between two ends faster than any other communication medium. Of course, this light contains lots of information. For example, we use the internet communication network every day. For a better optical fiber solution, Korea’s Shinhan Networks is out front.

These days, people are extremely busy and highly value time. Thus, the company offers OTP/FTTx box which requires easy & simple field installation and saves time with its simple fixing method. The product has 2~3 ports for main cable entrance and mid-span, and also 8~24 for subscribers.

Shinhan Networks’ patch cords and pigtails are varied. Besides standard patch cords, there are air bubble free patch cords, fan-out cords, multi fiber patch cords, air blowing fiber patch cords, LD & PD pigtails for active packaging, etc.

SHINHAN NETWORKS offers SC, FC, ST, LC standard connectors and adapters. Also 4.0mm & 4.8mm special connectors are available as well. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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