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Floor heating mat(cable) / Constant wattage heating cable / Snow melting cable | Korean Products

August 6, 2013

201307C_Raonsystem heating mat (cable) The floor heating mat perfectly shields harmful electro-magnetic fields and electron waves. Using the convective (air warming type) conduction (direct heat transmission) method, it embodies more pleasant and comfortable floor radiant heating condition.

The floor heating mat has no smell or smoke and its temperature control is easy and quick. According to Oriental medicine, the upper body should be kept cool while the lower body should be kept warm.


The floor heating mat makes the ideal state of body temperature by keeping the head cool and the feet warm. High durability, no need of maintenance control.

In addition, it takes up no space as it does not need a separate boiler. It has high durability with reinforced duplex structure and it has a onetime constructed structure without separate maintenance control.

Constant wattage heating cable The heating cable has temperature maintenance of chemicals and hot water inside. It has parallel circuit construction and provides uniform wattage regardless of temperature or length. With strong weather resistance, chemical resistance and flexibility, this cable can be applied easily anywhere you need. Also this cable guarantees easy installation and costeffective maintenance. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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