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August 6, 2013


http://korean-products.com/inquiryMeinntech is a manufacturer of IV flow controller set and infusion pump. Meinntech developed one hand controllable IV flow controller called, EZ REGULAR that is designed to deliver fluidal medication more accurately and safely to patients. Meinntech is also launching a new infusion pump “Anyfusion” that it has been developed for last several years.

The patents for both “EZ REGULAR” and “Anyfusion” have been registered. We are exporting EZ REGULAR in number of countries with various certifications such as CE mark, ISO 13485, 510K cleared and KGMP.


Based on proprietary technology and future-oriented management, Meinntech aims to grow to become a top of the global company in the field.

EZ REGULAR allows users to administrate fluidal medication safely and adequately. It is designed to deliver designated volume of fluidal medicine more efficiently in accurate manner. Controlling by adjuster of regulator, people can deliver designated volume of medication accordingly, maximize the ideal drug effects and also prevents overdosage.

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