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Optical parts for the information technology age | Korean Products

August 12, 2013

201307W_FNN internet changes the world. Behind this revolution is optical communication. Behind this, there is optical fiber.

Through this, the most suitable medium, transmitting the data-ridden light from one place to another is taking place. Thus, your optical communication ultimately depends on the quality of the optical fiber. If you believe so, talk to Korea’s FNN Co. Ltd.

As Korea’s spare part maker for optical communication equipment, F&N offers core items for BcN infra-structure which is considered to be the main information technology (combining communication and broadcasting) in the future.

The company sells several items : optical fiber patch cord, optical fiber adapter, silicon fiber array, silicon v-groove, optical fiber ferrule, etc.


For optical fiber patch cord, FNN accepts your customized request. Its standard products are strictly complied with JIS, IEC, and Bellcore. Optical fiber adapters are easy to handle and are available in many different types. Also there are ceramic or phosphorous bronze sleeves. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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