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August 21, 2013

201307C_Jeollanamdo2[INQ. NO. 1307C20] In Korea where a diversity of healthful teas have long been a part of the traditional culture, fruitbased teas, including citron tea, jujube tea, schizandra tea and plum tea have been enjoyed as curative beverages for their nutritional value and delicious tastes. Many Korean households traditionally enjoy these healthy fruit teas prepared with honey or sugar in their homes.

In particular, citron, which is called yuja in Korean, is frequently used to make health beverages in winter and spring, when fluctuating temperatures make the body susceptible to colds.

Citron tea contains three times the amount of vitamin C found in a lemon, so it is proven to be effective in skin
care and preventing colds. In addition, citron tea has a lot of organic acid that has anti-aging and fatigue-relief effects.

The citron grows in Korea, Japan and China, but Korean citrons featuring thick peel and rich fragrance are the most highly rated by overseas buyers, holding the largest share in the global citron tea market at the moment.
The Koran citron tea made its first debut in overseas markets in late 1990s when Duwon Agricultural Cooperative, Korea’s leading manufacturer and exporter of citron teas, concluded an exporting contract with a Japanese buyer.

Since then, its exports have been increasing every year. The popularity of Korean citron tea is soaring especially in the main export markets – China, as well as the United States and Japan.

Located in Goheung county, Jeollanam Province, one of the major citron production areas in Korea, the Korean citron tea maker uses the highest-quality citrons that all grow in Goheung, blessed with optimal natural conditions for growing quality citrons – longer duration of sunlight and sea breezes as well as unpolluted clean natural environment.

The company produces the sweet-and-sour citron teas made of minced, well-ripened citrons with honey in its fully automated facilities, which comply with high standard of safety and hygiene. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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