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August 28, 2013

[INQ. NO. 1308C02] LJH Cosmetics Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is one of Korea’s most famous providers of functional cosmetics.

As a pioneer of cosmeceuticals in Korea, LJH Cosmetics was the first company to develop and introduce cosmeceuticals, which combine the beautifying effects of ‘Cosmetics’ with the healing power of ‘Pharmaceuticals’ in the Korean cosmetics market.

Based on years of rigorous clinical testing done at LJH Dermatology Clinic, LJH Cosmeceuticals were proven not only to provide superior skin care effects but also treat and heal troubled skin in a safe way.

For better and higher efficacy, LJH Skin Science Center (Professional Cosmeceutical Research Center) was established and gave a birth to cosmeceuticals, a new cosmetic medicinal line of products that provides maximized effectiveness with minimal side-effects to satisfy customers by providing healthier skin and true beauty.

Main Products : Leejiham cosmeceuticals, which are functional cosmetics for the improvement of troubled skin, oily skin as well as wrinkled skin in a safe way, have a variety of brands, including Color series for acne treatment; 5αcontrol series for excessive sebum control; Doctor’s care cell derma for anti-wrinkle and Cellabel white-P series for whitening as well as Cellabel M.C series for make-up.

Cellabel White-P : From age of 20s, skin tone turns dull and uneven with blemishes such as freckles caused by skin oxidation (free radical). LJH Dermatology Research Center developed nature-friendly series called “Cellabel White-P.”

The main concept of Cellabel white-P series is on melanin in skin, which is the fundamental cause of changes in skin tone.

Cellabel White-P protects your skin with anti-oxidant 3 herbal (peach blossom, green tea and garden balsam) extracts and provides outstanding whitening for radiant skin with arubtin and vitamin C derivatives.

Those natural plant extracts prevent the skin from troubles caused by environmental factors and at the same time, NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) provides intensive hydration to the skin. This helps maintain skin healthy and moisturized for a long time.

With the anti-oxidant effect, Cellabel White-P accelerates skin turnover and improves skin texture. And, its whitening function helps discharge melanin, reduce melanin formation and control existing melanin. In addition, the pigmentationresistance function helps keep the skin healthy with hydration and relaxation.

Cellabel White-P is ideal for improving skin discoloration after acne treatment dull skin caused by lack of moisturizing and acne blemishes providing intensive hydration to aging skin tone care after filling and laser treatment. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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