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August 29, 2013

201308W_Bukwang all know the sun is vital to living things on earth. Also we know that too much of it can harm or kill some of them, even non-living things. For people, there is a way: covering their skin with sun-block lotion. What about plants or trees ? Bukwang in Korea has got it all covered.

Korea’s Bukwang makes and installs sun screening products. By emphasizing on quality and customers, the manufacture has been successfully cementing its customer base at home and abroad.

Its sun shade nets are for wind-breaking, gardening, livestock farming, etc. And, for ginseng cultivation, Bukwang offers a number of special nets.

No. B-103 is made of double fabrics 95%. This item gives optimal conditions for livestock with its light proof up to 95% and good heat-retaining. No. B-106 is designed for wind-breaking and light proof 75%. For grass germination, you can pick up Bukwang’s No. B-109 which makes it grow proportionally. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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