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August 30, 2013

201308W_ShinNong was and is fundamental to industrial growth. It sure has a lot to do with one of men’s basic needs: eating.

If it remains unfulfilled, we cannot survive, let alone work. Thus here is how it worked; agricultural began mass-production, and everything followed. Korea’s Shin-Nong is one of those who made it happen.

Began in 1987, Shin-Nong, a Korean agricultural machinery maker, shares farmers’ burdens with several auto-machines : electric agricultural dryers, barley mills, rice-cleaning machines, crushers, and what not. The manufacture is determined to contribute to Korea’s economic growth by changing the agricultural industry for the better.

Shing-Nong’s agricultural dryer is widely used for many items that need drying : peppers, green tea leaves, omija, pumpkin, etc. Drying capacity may vary depending on each model, but they share the same features: uniform drying with air blowing inside, low electricity consumption, maximized heat efficiency, and adjustable drying hours.

There are Rice Mill and Barley Mill that offers a simple and easy operation. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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