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Multi Purpose Agricultural Spreader | Korean Products

September 4, 2013

201309w_Iksan agricultural machinery, people can be all properly fed. As it increases production, their life takes a turn for the better. For example, new businesses begin to bud with the remnant. The result: economy grows.

If this is what the machinery can do. Korea’s Iksan Agricultural Machinery, an agricultural machinery manufacturer, sure deserves some credit for Korea’s miraculous economic growth.

The company is full of commitment and dedication for the agricultural industry. Its tenacious love and passion since 1979 has led to no.1 position in the Korea’s spreader market with over 100 patents.


Also, Iksan’s innovative path has earned a series of awards like “New Intelligent Person Prize” and “ Boastful Korean Grand Prize in the Technical Part.”

Multi-purpose spreaders are the company’s flagship units, and there are 5 different types : Multi-purpose Spreader, Multi-purpose Double Disc Spreader_IODD-2000J / 1300J, Multi-purpose Spreader (Hydraulic Type), and Multi-purpose Double Disc Spreader_IODD-1300H(Hydraulic Type).

They all have 2 shutters and two spreading discs that cover large areas. Some of them have Bucket function that makes manure and fertilizer loading easy. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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