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September 12, 2013

201309C_Alkaline Water Ionizer Co, Ltd. is one of the leading alkaline water ionizer companies in Korea. Based on new ideas and technology, the KYK alkaline water ionizer provides enhanced sanitation, sterilization and filtering ability.

Previous water dispensers necessarily had a water tank inside, which is prone to be a breeding ground for bacteria. That is because the traditional water dispenser has a structure of providing drinking water after cooling stored water.

With six years of R&D endeavors, KYK Co., Ltd. developed a new technique which makes more than 5 liters in (4c-10c), after water passes without a water tank.

Outer absorption chillers in the existing water dispensers are exposed on the exterior of the product. Bacteria and viruses in the air are prone to multiply inside of the Cork (outer faucet), causing sanitary problems.

Thus, KYK made the Cork (outer faucet) go inside the product automatically after water comes out, which makes it block from the air. Furthermore, the cork inside of the product is automatically
pasteurized with a UV system.

The KYK Alkaline Water ionizer is also the world’s first four-filter installation/ removal of limestone/ maximized ability of filtering water. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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