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September 12, 2013

Since its establishment in 1995, KNT has created a pleasant living environment by utilizing advanced technology through perfect automatic control system.

It has done this through perfect balance of H/W and S/W. Notable, it has created efficient building and factory automation and electricity monitoring system as well as integrated monitoring and controlling system via internet networks.

Its business divisions are mainly based on industrial plant, petrochemical plant, environment plant, ocean and shipbuilding plant, renewable energy plant control system as well as total solution products.


To support the wide-range of such activities, it has obtained the quality management system certificate (KS06/0007Q-GCS), a patent for furnace operations, automatic information system, certified as an INNO-BIZ company, established its own research center, registered as a venture company and was certified with its own quality management system. Moreover, it also possesses an automatic reading system, safety management system, renewal energy system to support is many divisions.

Some recent achievements of KNT were the installation of the electronic power monitoring equipment, panel and electric work for a funeral center, major road and exchange and electric work, and waste water treatment facilities among many others. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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