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September 12, 2013

201309C_Eco-friendly Washing Ball“Washing RolyPoly” is a washing ball that washes and softens your fabric at the same time.

Different kinds of ceramic balls interact and remove grease, dirt and stains, and Natural Aroma Cartridge softens fabrics, making doing laundry easier than ever.

The Washing RolyPoly will help cut your laundry expenses, as it allows you to do laundry without detergent and by using less water. It also saves your time by cutting rinsing time. The Washing RolyPoly leaves no chemical residue in the fabric, so it is safe to use for baby’s clothes or sensitive skin.

201309C_Eco-friendly Washing Ball1
The Washing RolyPoly is an environmentally friendly product that contains no surfactant, optical brightener or STPP.

Moreover, the washing ball has an antibacterial effect that helps deter the bacterial propagation preventing unpleasant odors. The Washing RolyPoly can do laundry up to 300 loads, and for heavy duty laundry, adding a little detergent, 10% of normal dosage will do the perfect job. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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