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September 12, 2013

201309w_Wildcat1 in 2004, Wildcat established positioned itself as a research lab and manufacturer of functional infantile shoes targeting age from 0 to 5 and with the assistance of the Seoul National University industry academic cooperation, it has launched the patented systematic scientific specialty infantile shoes “ATTIPAS”.

Its high quality is attributes to the successful passing of the RWTUV certification, a renowned German quality control firm. It is also a registered venture firm.

The center of this successful product is the AnyFeet functional customized insole features. It always returns the arch of your foot to its normal state, with perfect ergonomically function with even distribution of pressure of which AnyFeet or Acti-Fit takes only three minutes to adapt to your foot.


Anyfeet comes in model for men, women footwear and sportswear especially golf. Moreover, the pricing of the product has been reduced so that the average person can afford to wear it.

Some leading features of Attipas are convenience due to its strong non-slip features, breathability due to superior breathability which finds hole release, big toe box due to its free toe movement, safety due to its non-usage of Formaldehyde and lightweight & flexibility due to its super light weight like a sox. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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