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September 12, 2013

201309w_Yeongho Traditional Foods Traditional Foods was established in December 2007 when the family’s know-how was passed down in a period of five years to achieve successful productions of grain syrup, red pepper paste, Korean rice wine and natural vinegar through traditional hand-made methods.

Based on such processes, its red pepper paste was awarded the Gyeongnam Tourism Commemorative Gold Prize in the 12th Open Competition as well as a minister-level prize.

Its know-how is based on its 87 years-old mother who holds the secrets of making grain syrup using kilt heated by firewood, traditional method using sweet potatoes, rice, and others.

Through such basic knowhow, Korean wine rice is also matured as well as making natural vinegar.

201309w_Yeongho Traditional Foods1Although such methods have largely disappeared to be substituted by the usage of gas fire and electrical steam in a form of condensed remade syrup grain and rice wine that uses imported malt and chemical additives with sales centering on health product for the family, value-added gifts or give-aways for corporate gatherings, it still has a demand as seen by similar high-value methods of advanced countries.
Despite the modern advanced machine-made large-scale production methods, Yeongho believes that there is a niche market for this traditional food production method in Korea. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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