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Precision Casting Vehicle Component | Korean Products

September 12, 2013

201309w_SNM in September of 2008, SNM is a leading manufacturer of mainly vehicle air component focusing on precision casting especially that of VS16 rotor, hub, 3 types of fork shift transmission and aluminum air conditioner compressor parts.

In support of these activities, it has obtained the ISO 9001 quality system, the TS 16949 and the SQ quality system certification along with the clean production site certification and a newly constructed product inspection site.

In particular, the types of components that it manufacturers are chain roller, collar, main holder, camshaft, guide-valve, lug-shift, hub and rotor.

For high quality products of the above, there are eight stages in its casting production process including casting production, post-production and heat process among others.

To make possible all of the manufacturing processes, SNM possess a wide-ranged and varied equipments for the facility process and, testing and measurement process like collection facility, furnace(500KG, 1000KG types), hoist(2.8T, 2T, 1T),cooler, Brinel tilter, Rockwell tilter, multiple material tester among many others. All of the above have realized a 100PPM defect ratio, 0% customer claim rate and an achievement of 100% project development ratio. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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