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September 16, 2013

201309C_MIRAE IT SOLUTION1 in 1999, Media has made great strides in line with the multimedia era and it promises to always put its customers first.

With most of its customers being educators and teachers, Media?? is well-aware that it is playing a vitally important role in the education field.

To fulfill this mission, it has developed products like the Interactive Whiteboard (MM IWF100MD, MM-IWF100MS), the Class Recording System (TRS1000), Virtual Visual Synthetic System (VLS1000), Electronic Table (MM-ETB19EPL, MM-ETBEPS) and the LCD Table Monitor (MM-WM19).

With such products, media is fully committed to satisfying its customers by meeting their every need. Not only is Media supplying these outstanding products, but it has also launched solutions like the visual meeting system, the broadcasting facility and the English-exclusive classroom.

Such presentations of solutions have been made possible by the extensive experience and background of its workforce. Notably, the interactive parts of the solutions are something that Media is proud of. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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