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TFT-LCD, Brighton, Opticon, Solarbon, Baron, Mobilon | Korean Products

September 16, 2013

201309w_DEMO CSI more than 10 years ago, DEMCO CSI has pursued the area of TFT LCD display by developing a wide-range of cutting-edge solutions. Their mission is to optimize the TFT LCD display from design to assembly by adding convergent values like slimmer, brighter, wider to normal Flat Panel Display.

To make all this possible, it is supplying customized AD controller, SBC, open frame monitor, panel mount monitor, rack mount monitor with KVM, daylight readability and touch screen solution.

Among its lineup is the Solarbon, an optimized transflective TFT-LCD display featuring anti-reflection, super vivid picture quality, eco-friendliness, UV protection and pin-to-pin compatibility.

201309w_DEMO CSI1
Next is the Brighton, a LED-enhanced high brightness TFT-LCD display featuring maximum sunlight readability, BLU LED for true color realization, wide product range, prolonged life span, easy customization and eco-friendliness.

And the OPTICON, the direct bonding display enhancement featuring enhanced readability, yellowing-free adhesive, reworkability among others.

Another major brand is the BARON, a non-standard format display featuring free-sized format, eye-catching design, display system, customization, wide-product range and prolonged life-span. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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