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September 16, 2013

201309C_DaeMyung Tile
http://korean-products.com/inquiryDaemyung manufactures and supplies interior tiles using its patented technology which is eco-friendly and emits far-infrared radiation which eradicates bacteria, limits electromagnetic waves, limits side-effects from wood preservatives and limits food smell from plastic and the kitchen.

And, the product purified the indoor air which is often affected by radioactive matter and chemical building materials. The tiles are readily applicable in hospitals, buildings, banks and hotels among others. And furthermore, Daemyung can communicate with you in English, Russian, Chinese and Japanese for your benefits using e-mails.

It is basically made of specially dried domestic red clay and white clay. Some of the features of Daemyungtile is that it absorbs moisture, high humidity, dries rapidly with automatic emission control for indoor and outdoor temperature.

It also has functions to prevent the spreading of bacteria, toxic mold and other fungi with infrared radiation which creates strong anti-aging feature, promotes blood circulation, and assists in stress relief, skin care, neuralgia, lumbago and chronic fatigue.

It is also effective for bone disease, digestive disorder, gynecological disorder, geriatric and many more.

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