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September 17, 2013

201309C_Hanbi Acanthopanax
http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1309C04] Hanbi Acathopanax Liquor is healthy rice liquor that is matured with environmentally friendly GAP Acathopanax and rice liquor distilled after fermenting the rice by traditional method.

AnaxBiopolis Korea is involved in producing, processing and selling high-quality medicinal herbs cultivated by organic farming techniques in Jecheon, the town of fresh breezes and bright moon, and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified by the Korean government.

Since the Korean company runs its own acanthopanax farm of 165,000 square meters around Jecheon in Korea, it can secure a supply of acanthopanax of more than 10 years old which are very difficult to buy in the other areas, positioning itself favorably in the market.

AnaxBiopolis Korea will continue to contribute to the local economy by developing the materials and functional products using acanthopanax and expanding the market base so that local farmers can increase their income as well.

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