Spray Coating Systems

201309C_Spray Coating Systems
http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1309C16] Noanix Corporation specializes in Spray Coating Systems, Automated Liquid Dispensing Systems, Precision Pumps and Spray Nozzles with ISO9001/14001 certification and many patents related to Spraying and other fluidics technologies.

The Spray Coating Systems (Spray Coaters) that Noanix supplies are used for thin film coatings applications requiring very precise and uniform performance. The systems are mainly used for Medical Devices, Bio Processing and Pharma Manufacturing to name a few.

The systems consist of two important components inside, one is a Precision Pump and another is a Spray Nozzle, both of which Noanix designs and manufactures.

The pump performs very low pulsation and accuracy in a low flow rate. Its wetted parts are made of ceramic which is chemically resistant and inert. The kind of pumps is Piston pump and syringe pump.

201309C_Spray Coating Systems1The Spray nozzle is great for low flow rates applications. Nozzles are Ultrasonic Nozzle and Airassisted Nozzle.

Some of main applications are used for is Stent Coating, Catheter Coating, Artificial Vessel Coating, Blood Collection Tubing Coating, Syringe Coating, Spray Dryer, and many more for industrials.

Flow rates are ranged 10 uL/Min. up to 100mL/Min. Coating size is down to 1 uM. (We are researching smaller coating size solutions.) The system covers all kind of liquids (However, prior testing must be done.)

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