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September 24, 2013 30 years of history, LUBUNNY is a quality bag manufacture and exporter whose family business has been passed down over two generations.

LUBUNNY was aired on a program introducing Korea’s masters in different businesses by a major broadcasting company, SBS.

Since it signed a contact with the USA company LEE Enterprise for manufacturing RUME bags in 2008, LUBUNNY has seen the sales volume soar, and its bags are being exported to 24 countries, drawing keen attention from customers around the world.

201309C_Multi-functional Bags
The bag maker has continued to create new products that cater to customers’ everchanging demands under its new brand names of “XTheBa” and “Lubunny,” expanding its market base in the domestic market as well.

Currently, its product line-up includes bags, multi-function fashion bags, raincoats, lightweight bags, waterproof aprons, waterproof lightweight bags and pouches that come in a variety of patterns.

Many of LUBUNNY’s bags can be founded in Korea’s leading department stores, shopping malls and major retail chains. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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