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Dental Implant | Korean Products

October 17, 2013

Dental Implant
OSSTEM IMPLANT is continuously improving its technologies and contributing to the popularization of dental implants by actively expanding R&D investments. As a result,
OSSTEM has been enthusiastically received by clients all over the world. Currently, OSSTEM products are widely used in over 45 countries, marketed through its 13 overseas subsidiaries and 30 distributors.

OSSTEM has become the No.1 dental implant company in the Asia-Pacific market and No. 6 in the world in global sales. Recently, OSSTEM is preparing to release a new product, the Bio-SA, which is coated with Nano-particle of HA on the SA surface.
In addition, the company is conducting a clinical study on PEP7, the world’s first new Osseo-inductive compound developed by OSSTEM, which induces osteogenesis by itself. The quality and safety of the OSSTEM dental implants have been recognized by acquiring numerous certifications of FDA, CE, SFDA, GOST-R etc.

TS III Implant is the company’s newest implant that applies surface treatment suitable for excellent synosteosis and optimal body design that provides a convenient placement and stability. Additionally, CAS-KIT (Crestal Approach Sinus KIT) is specifically designed to easily and safely lift the membrane in the maxillary sinus from a crestal approach.
The key component of the CAS-KIT is the CAS Drill. The unique design of the CAS Drill enhances convenience and safety of sinus crestal approach operation by easily and safely lifts the sinus membrane while drilling.

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