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October 17, 2013

Semisulcospira Libertina Extract Liquid

[INQ. NO. 1310C14] Haegarden is the leader in semisulcospira libertina products with its latest technologies, facilities and fermentation patents in Korea. The company has the ability to collect and supply the largest quantity of semisulcospira libertina.
The quality semisulcospira libertina from Korea are strictly selected and processed using the traditional manufacturing method including rice hull, loess and earthenware, which Koreans have developed for thousands of years.
The extract called semisulcospira libertina oil, is contained. It spends three weeks in natural environment created by loess and rice hull.
semisulcospira libertina is rich in chlorophyll, minerals, taurine, carotin, calcium and minerals, which are effective for improving the health of the liver, stomach and eye sight. It also detoxifies the body and prevents the liver from being exhausted.

– Treatment and improvement of liver diseases such as hepatitis, liver cancer, fatty liver, and liver cirrhosis
– Hangover remedy, eye protection, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis
– Improvement of gastrointestinal functions by easing stomachaches, stomach disease, indigestion, and constipation | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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