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October 21, 2013

Character Toys Aurora World Corporation is the world- leading company that specializes in character design and plush toy marketing & sales. The Korean company has global network via sales units in the USA, UK and HK including distribution partners in worldwide, along with core competences in design through global research centers and in-house production in Indonesia & China. It can provide one-stop solution from R&D to manufacturing.
The company’s character toy ‘YooHoo & Friends’ was designed to enhance entertaining and educational value based on child psychology consultation and multiple intelligence theory for education purposes.
The YooHoo & Friends are the global hit characters created upon endangered animals to deliver the educational message to children about environment protection. Its animated TV series is being on air in Korea through multi-platforms, Belgium, Russia, Croatia, 22 Arabic speaking countries in Middle East, and will be coming to Latin America via Cartoon Network, UK, Australia, and so on in 2012.
Especially, plush toys of ‘YooHoo & Friends’ with big eyes and colorful bush tails have been being sold all over the world and well received from all generations with the record of 215 million pcs of toys sold out since its launching in 2007, which means YooHoo & Friends toys have been purchased by 13,000 people every single day.

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