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October 24, 2013

Eco Cutting Board set

Eco cutting boards, other kitchen furniture and equipment are Innodeco’s, which established in 2008, specialized products. Based on advanced local skills, there are all made 100% in Korea with 100% anti-bacteria functions, and approval received from the US Food and Drug Administrator.

According to the US FDA, it order to prevent cross-contamination between foods, each household should use different cutting board for each kind of foods. Such demands have been met sufficiently by Innodeco.

As seen in its homepage contents, these eco cutting boards are pleasantly designed with functional features like Bio, Eco and Index, 2-way characteristics. Moreover to enhance its performance, it uses material like Polypropylene.

Due to the uniqueness of the idea, there are no local competitors but for a company in the UK with Innodeco overcoming the competition through lower pricing.

Another area that Innodeco contributes its products are the wall and table clock, watches, idea gifts and others. The clock uses German parts with assembly done 100% in Korea. And it has the capabilities to make customized products.


Eco Cutting Board set

More Details

  • Plae of Origin: South Korea
  • Brand Name: Naturnic
  • Material: Metal & Plastic

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Detail: Standard Export Packaging
    (Feel Free to Make An Inquiry Regarding Package Details)
  • Delivery Detail: Varies Based on Location & Shipping Method

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