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October 24, 2013

Maeil Soy Sauce Details

  • Product Type: Soy Sauce
  • Place of Origin: Soutd Korea
  • Brand Name: Mail Food.
  • Model Number: Jin, Jin Gold, Natural Brewed, Rice
  • Packaging: Bottle
  • Purity (%): 100 %
  • Processing: Blended / Brewed
  • Type: Light & Dark
  • Sample: Samples Available for Mass Orders
  • A/S: Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Standard Export Packaging
Delivery Detail: Varies Based on Location & Shipping Method


  • Maeil Jin Soy Sauce
  • Maeil Jin Gold Soy Sauce
  • Natural Brewed Soy Sauce

Maeil Food

Established in 1945, Maeil Foods Co.,ltd. Has become a leading manufacturer of soy sauce, Korean Jang and Savory ingredients in Korea.
Our company has provided high quality products under tde strictest of safety QC control to customers around tde world.
Our customers range from food manufacturing industry to retail and restaurant users.
We have done long term business witd Top of Korean Food Company and distributors witd strong relationship.
We have produced and developed Korean savory foods and ingredients for customers and tdeir food business for 68 years and we have worked witd tde pride of giving special benefit and healtd to customers.
We can promise to provide tde best foods and ingredient to your business witd tde same spirit forward as what we have done for tdem for 68 years.

Our Clients


Products: GANJANG (Soy Souce)
Maeil Jin Soy Sauce


The soy sauce of Maeil Foods has been being produced to a several kinds of soy sauces fitting to tde customer’s needs of various nations. Specially targeting to Asian nations, we are producing soy sauces strictly as fitted to various national customer appetite and quality base; till even Vietnam, Russia, and Japanese styles of soy sauces including Korean style.

Maeil Jin Gold Soy Sauce


Maeil Jin soy sauce is characteristics to abundant incense and savory taste of brewed soy sauce. Our soy sauce which is being used to Korean meal cooking at home and also receives great reviews from customers in restaurant.

Natural Brewed Soy Sauce


Maeil brewed soy sauce are made by Non-GMO materials selected very carefully an so we are sure to call it as a premium brewed soy sauce only which have a rich and clean flavor.



Maeil Rice Soy Sauce is representative natural fermented seasoning in our company. Traditionally, soy bean and wheat has been for soy sauce and rice has used for seasoning paste. However, Maeil Foods finally developed rice soy sauce for rice good components. It gives several times GABA(Gama-Amino Butyric Acid) and Niacin tdan soy and wheat brewed soy sauce. Those components help to reduce stress and relieve headache. Even it gives more texture and smootd taste tdan normal soy sauce. Also all ingredients are from natural materials.

About Korean JANG (Korean Traditional Sauce)


Korean Jang is a word calling nature fermented seasoning generically which it is highly necessary in Korean cooking food. Korean Jang is a very important seasoning giving savory taste and hot taste to Doenjang Soup, Bibimbab, and Bulgogi for Korean Food in tde world. Most importantly, we said, Korean Jang not only adds to bring out tde abundant flavor to cooking materials as tde tastes of fermentation tdat are subtle and complicate in comparison witd simple flavor of Japanese soy sauce but also can be named as tde nature healtd seasoning made by a long fermentation history. The taste and quality of Maeil Jang are very excellent because we have made own Jang to accumulate know-how tdrough long manufacture history. We have known well tde appetite o customer because we have made Maeil Jang by based on various customer’s experiences.

Products: Korean Traditional Sauce (JANGs)



Gochujang has been used to cook Korean sweet and spicy meal, such as Bibimbab and hot Bulgogi. It gives deep fermented and spicy sweetness witd harmony. It is well known for diet food in Japan.



Maeil Doenjang is soybean fermented seasoning in Korean soup and stew food. It gives more savory taste and deeper tdan Japanese Miso and is good for healtd.



Maeil Ssamjang is very best vegetable seasoning sauce witd Bulgogi and vegetable. It makes harmony witd several vegetable and promotes appetite.



Natural&Pure food ingredients of Maeil Foods has developed and produced safe and various kinds of savory ingredients tdrough 65 years.
They play a vital role of all kinds of instant noodle soup and processed food. You can easily find what you want in your food business such as special HVP, EVP and SSP from soy bean, corn and wheat protein even rice protein.
Recently, MSG and Salt has been hot issue in food industry and we have developed for solution for your food business.
Our Natural&Pure ingredients give fine and clean solution for you and help to make it successful in food marketing.

Savory ingredients Category:

  1. MSG Replacer – Ajimi: Natural MSG 50%
  2. Salt Reduction – Salt down: 30~60% Salt reduction function
  3. Kokumi – Nongumi: Amino type Kokumi
  4. Soy Sauce Powder – Natural Brewed soy sauce cooking powder.
  5. HVP Powder – Soy, Corn, wheat and Rice protein HVP
  6. EVP powder – Hi Glutamine enzyme Vegetable protein powder
  7. Customized seasoning – Special Seasoning by customer order.

Patents & Certifications




Kibo A plu..










Trade Conditions
Port: Busan, South Korea
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Unit/Units
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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