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Aluminum Die Cast Cookware | Korean Products

October 28, 2013

Aluminum Die Cast Cookware industry Inc. is aluminum die-casting cookware manufacturer in Korea and has been trying for continuous improvement of product quality and development of more advanced technology with comparison to other aluminum cookware companies since 2003. As the result of their uninterrupted R&D efforts to develop various products that differentiate from others, they acquired ISO, many patents and new utility model patents.

Excellent Features of Aluminum Die Cast Cookware

  • Excellent Non-stick feature compared with stainless steel products.
  • Our die-casting products are lighter than stainless steel products but heavier than pressed aluminum products.
  • Thicker than any other material products.
  • aluminum die-casting cookware features better durability and are heavier compare to general aluminum sheet products that makes die-casting products more stable while cooking.
  • High heat efficiency – fast heat distribution, longer heat preservation. Our heavy-gauge die casting aluminum cookware prevents any hot-spot on cooking surface, which show less sticking of food on cooking surface.
  • on cooking surface, there is no rivet area which makes it easy to clean and sanitary environment.
  • Various designs with unique functions. For examples, steam vent knob, Induction available cookware, various pattern print on cooking surface, water-spill protection design for Dutch oven & sauce pan, etc.
  • Various coating material can be applied onto products for appropriate usage according to customers’ request.
  • Most products are able to be developed For IH (Induction heating) by applying thermal-spray process without any change of shape. Various shapes of products are possible in specific design.

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