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November 4, 2013

AnyRidge Implant System develops and provides dental implant solutions that are predictable, safe, simple and affordable. The true spirit of MegaGen is founded in “GENuine passion” for superior Innovation. Our assumed responsibility is to constantly advance products that will enhance the convenience of the dental implant process.

These unique concepts will ultimately bring the benefits of implant therapy to the people.

AnyRidge : Surgery – Better initial stability even in compromised bone density. AnyRidge penetrates through bone and condenses it simultaneously. Prosthetics – Better esthetic outcomes from broad prosthetic options. No need to worry about screw loosening! Benefits – Unique and sturdy design provides long term stability.

AnyOne : Even if you are a beginner, you can place AnyOne implant easily and expect the high initial stability as well as reasonable result (fast & ensure osseointegration, excellent soft & hard tissue response) in any clinical case that we faced on every day. Patient can expect the minimum surgery with less pain, the shorter healing time, the more esthetic final restoration. AnyOne implant system provide the great experience and satisfaction to both of dentist and patient.

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