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November 11, 2013

Dried kimchi Corporation is a leading healthy dried products and juice extract manufacturer and exporter in Korea. Since 2005, the company has exported its mandarin orange juice extract to Japan (Mitsubishi Corporation) and Indonesia and has continued to expand its overseas market base through diversification of export items.

With dedication to fulfilling various customer demands, the company uses the BCD (Balance Chamber Drying) system to provide wide range of nutritious dried products including dried fruits, dried kimchi, dried vegetables and marine products.

Dried Mandarin Orange Snack: Using 100% natural Jeju Mandarin oranges and the unique BCD system, the dried oranges have minimal loss of their taste, scent, color, fiber and nutritional value. As a healthful snack for both children and adults, they are good for skin, constipation and fatigue recovery.

Dried Kimchi: Without concern about the unique smell of kimchi, you can easily store, carry and enjoy Korea’s typical fermented nutritious dish, kimchi. The dried kimchi is lightweight (1/10 of original kimchi) and it is packaged in a sanitary zippered pouch.

Jeju Real Citrus Chocolate: Dried Mandarin orange slice is contained in the chocolate so that you can instantly recognize the citrus orange chocolate. It has a nice blend of Mandarin orange’s sweet-and-sour flavors and chocolate. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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