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Needle-free Injector | Korean Products

November 12, 2013

Needle-free Injector delivers liquid medications and vaccines by creating a very narrow velocity fluid straight line with high pressure spring power through small orifice in the face of nozzle which penetrates the skin and delivers the medicine or vaccine into the body.

Comfort-in is consist of 0.5ml nozzle, adapter for connecting vial, injection device and reset lever. Comfort-in, needle-free soft injection system is intended to deliver 0.5ml volumes of various medications and vaccines subcutaneously to all people of all ages including patients authorized by their physicians to self-inject.
Main Features:

  • No needle: free from needle stick injury and needle phobia
  • No pain: painless for use through exact manually injection technique
  • Ease of use: only 3 steps ready for use
  • Portable and fine design
  • Light pack of full set and good design for users.
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