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PVC Flooring | Korean Products

November 12, 2013

PVC Flooring3 Yang Chemical Corporation (CYC) was established in 1963 and has held the leading position in the synthetic PVC product market in Korea for the past 49 years.

CYC specializes in PVC flooring, PVC tile (LVT), PVC leather & PVC tarpaulin production with more than 1,000 different kinds of designs & colors. It meets the customer needs and interests at a competitive price with maximum customer satisfaction. CYC is always in search of new business and continues to expand its present business. Also, CYC strives to serve customer’s various demands and fully guarantee the product quality.

Spec: 2.0mm X 1.8M X 20M/R
Wear layer: 0.35mm / 0.50mm, UV coating (PUR)
Applications: Office, Store, School, Hospital, Hotel etc (Commercial Use)

– Excellent stain resistance and easy cleaning: Adopting the special UV coating (PUR)
– No need for initial polishing
– Dimensional stability: Adopting special fiberglass
– Non-foaming layer, good compressive property.
– Abrasion resistance excellent: The use of high-purity PVC wear layer

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