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November 12, 2013

Synthetic Orthopedic Casting Tape Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in synthetic orthopedic casting tape and orthopedic splint that provides essential features such as strength, lightweight, mouldability and conformability, etc. All products are CE marked and applied for FDA registration.

Synthetic Orthopedic Casting Tape2

* Optima Cast : OptimaCast™ and OptimaCast™ Poly is intended for use in the construction of most common orthopedic casts. Both of them are impregnated with a wateractivated polyurethane resin. OptimaCast™ is harder and easier to be cut than OptimaCast™ Poly. But OptimaCast™ Poly is lighter than Optima-Cast™ and can be burnt thoroughly to be environment friendly. Finished casts produced from Optima cast are lightweight, strong, radiolucent, and porous.
– Available Color: White, Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red, Orange, Black, Purple, Grey
– Size: 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm – Length: 3.6m

* Optima Splint : OptimaSplint™ is used for bone fracture patient’s first-aid treatment, light bone fracture, and is used in disease of sprained (Sprain) etc. and use for purpose fixing affected part safely. OptimaSplint™ is made of thick and soft quality of the finishing material to contact skin that is protecting wound and putting is superior.
OptimaSplint™ is used non-woven cloth processed special anti-bacteria that keeps moisture and controls skin inflammation smell. It provides superior strength that is one of the biggest characteristic required in Splint.

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