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Detergent / Rinse Feeder | Korean Products

November 15, 2013

Detergent / Rinse Feeder the last forty years, Mia Moolsan has expanded its business from plastic manufacturing into device and chemical manufacturing. Through the continuous R&D, Mia Moolsan has successfully developed automated digital detergent/rinse feeder for dishwashers used in stores and restaurants.

WK20-DLCD is a detergent and rinse feeder that uses internal electrical conductivity of dishwasher’s washing tank. This feeder utilizes signal input from PROBE to supply liquid detergent to maintain constant detergent concentration.

Also, it supplies rinse based on this periodic signal. This high quality feeder has been digitalized for easy configuration and accurate supply of detergent and rinse. Moreover, its outer casing has been switched from stainless steel to plastic in

order to;
1) Increase product durability through the implementation of partial shock resilient and waterproof design.
2) Enhance use of space through smaller size and weight.
3) Enhance exterior design.

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