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November 15, 2013

X-ray System Medical Systems (previously known as Dong Kang Medical Systems) is a professional and leading manufacturer which is at the forefront of healthcare industry and has specialized in diagnostic X-ray systems since 1992.

DK’s incessant and uncompromising effort on R & D led to a series of innovative X-ray systems such as Digital X-ray INNOVISION.

INNOVISION is a flat-panel detector Digital X-ray system which features excellent image quality & significant operational efficiency. The system covers the complete spectrum of clinical requirements and drastically reduces redundant work steps. The immediate display of high-quality images contributes to streamlined & optimized work-flow for improved patient care and higher performance compared to analog system. INNOVISION has realized the safe, easy, and fast acquisition of clear radiographic images at low levels of radiation dose. Its ease-of-use networking, combined with DICOM 3.0, provides seamless and effective data transfer.

PROSTAR is a mobile C-arm X-ray system. The system provides high performance and excellent clinical images by adopting cutting-edge features. Its compact design and
light-weight body enables smooth movements and operations and thus, provides remarkable mobile performance for daily clinical work-flow. Also, it is highly cost effective because it uses general condenser power without any extra electric installation.

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