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November 15, 2013

Eco-friendly Stationery in 1977, Good Feel Korea has been dedicated to providing topquality office products to Korea, Japan and other global business customers. Through the intense and continuous research endeavor, Good Feel Korea has developed the latest eco-friendly production line-up. As a result, the Korean company has obtained as many as 19 patents, the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) Certificate, Green Mark in both Korea and Japan and ISA 9001, 14001. Moreover, Good Feel Korea was granted ‘Sustainable and Fair Trade Award’ at 2009 California Gift Show, USA and ‘2009 Eco-Product Award’ from the Ministry and Knowledge of Economy, Korea. Being equipped with automated production facilities for manufacturing recycled paper products and renewable pencils, Good Feel Korea is now recognized as one of leading providers of the best eco-friendly promotional product by consumers.

Eco- Friendly Paper Pencil : The Paper Pencils are made from recycled papers and the paper body absorbs sweat, thus causing less slippage when people use them. It features high-quality lead for a smooth writing experience. Paper pencils are softer than wooden pencils and much easier to sharpen. It also does not contain chemical agents harmful to humans and they also provide a great writing feeling compared with wooden pencils.

Eco-friendly stationery Set : The stationery set includes bio-degradable ruler and pencil case, natural crayons made of vegetable oil, recycled paper notebook and sticky note. By using these eco-friendly products, kids are expected to naturally develop concern for protecting the ecosystem and saving resources.

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